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robo s road test

Our road test of the latest electric scooter from Chinese company Sunra. Powerful, innovative and technologically advanced, the Sunra Robo-S offers top-class performance.

Let's face it: the Robo-S is definitely one of the best L3 electric scooters we have tested. For its aesthetic qualities and driving performance, for its technological innovations, for its attention to detail. And - which never hurts - for its excellent list price.

The Chinese company Sunra EV, which not surprisingly is one of the world's leading exporters of electric vehicles (with an Italian branch), could not have done better by designing this successful scooter model, which has all the characteristics to make an immediate impact on international markets.

Sporty look and technological heart

The Sunra Robo-S is impressive at first glance, before it delivers excellent driving performance. The compact design, without too many aesthetic frills, is as simple as it is attractive. In particular, the front is very pleasing, with a large full-led light with original lines.


The control display is entirely digital. "All the traditional information the driver needs, such as battery charge percentage, speed and mileage, stand out in a bright green colour.

Technology is undoubtedly one of the strong points of this electric scooter, which can be switched on in four different ways: with the key, without the key (remote control), via a dedicated app or by pressing the Touch ID button on the central display, which recognises the owner's fingerprint.

The Sunra App, available for both Android and iOS, also allows basic scooter diagnostics to be carried out remotely (tyre pressure, battery status, engine, etc.). The application can also be used to open the under-seat compartment, register multiple fingerprints, adjust the sensors and, for those who are not satisfied, even personalise the vehicle by giving it a name.

Other standard features include reverse gear, parking mode, USB socket with attached dashboard and even an alarm, which is automatically activated 45 seconds after the scooter is left on standby, locking the wheels. Of course, this option can always be activated/deactivated via the aforementioned App.

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Sunra Robo-S has character to spare

But now to the road test. Passed with flying colours.

The Robo-S was born as a city scooter but it has the right character and power to allow long trips out of town. This is because the thrust of the silent 3000 W motor, positioned on the rear wheel, is remarkable. Thanks to the three riding modes (Eco, Dynamic, Sport), the scooter goes from being an honest 50 km/h moped to a sprightly motorbike that can reach up to 90 km/h without too much effort. And all this at the push of a button on the handlebars.


Handling and driving comfort, even on less than optimal road surfaces (cobblestones, bumps and potholes are not lacking in Bologna and the surrounding area...) are assured, also because the overall weight of the scooter - around 85 kg with batteries - does not worry too much, guaranteeing that dose of fun essential for those who travel on a two-wheeled vehicle, whether electric or not.

There is also a good response from the combined braking system, operated by twin disc brakes.

The seat is comfortable even if, at least initially, you have to get used to having your legs in a position that is a little too close together. This is due to the very high footrest, about 5-6 six centimetres higher than usual, having to accommodate the two batteries that in other scooters are placed in the under-seat compartment. A small "deviation" from normality, which is soon forgotten. On the contrary, having a completely free and spacious under-seat compartment is a considerable plus in the end.

Intelligent batteries


As standard, the Robo-S has two lithium-ion batteries (72V 20h) that work in parallel and are removable, but it also works with just one of them inserted. They can both be recharged directly in their place (about 3½ hours for a full charge) with the battery charger provided, or taken out individually and recharged at home.

They work with an advanced "intelligent" management system, which always favours the use of the most charged battery until a balance is reached between the two.

The average autonomy varies between 80 and 100 km depending on the load and the driving mode chosen. Sunra guarantees a maximum range of 135 km, but under ideal driving conditions that are difficult to replicate.

The scooter is however equipped with a system that uses braking energy to recharge the batteries.


A "touch" of Italian design could not be missing from a quality model like this. In fact, thanks to the partnership with Isotta, a Bologna-based company that is a leader in the design and manufacture of accessories for the two-wheeled world, the Robo-S can be enhanced with some customised equipment.


In particular, with a windshield of the latest generation and a luggage rack (in iron or transparent/smoky plexiglass) on which it is also possible to attach a universal top case holder plate.

A "cargo" version of the luggage rack has also been created, which has three retaining brackets that can be widened according to loading requirements. Ideal for delivery services.

Super price

Considering the innate qualities of the Robo-S, we expected a price that wasn't exactly affordable. But Sunra surprised us in this respect too: 3,999 euros (including VAT). With windscreen or Isotta luggage rack a hundred euros more